Language of the year

The first rating of programming languages ​​TIOBE was released in 2020. The leaders have been unchanged for months now – this is Java (1st place), followed by C, Python and C ++. Oddly enough, the language of 2019 was not Python, but C. Experts have a logical explanation. According to experts, the development of the […]

Social Media Week Chicago Host Team for Second Year

Consider this blog our “save the date” and keep September 22-26 open. Because Social Media Week Chicago is back, and Digital is so excited to be part of the host team for a second year! For those who aren’t familiar with Social Media Week, it’s a worldwide event that puts great speakers in front of […]

How to Filter Out Paid Ad Traffic in Google Analytics

Viewing Only Organic Search Traffic As an SEO, there are a lot of times that I want to look at how just the organic traffic is doing, without information about other kinds of traffic. Sure, you can get some information on the “organic” tab under “keywords” in the “acquisition” section, but what if you want […]

Social Media – SEO – Web Dev – Paid Search

If you’re asking yourself what those terms mean, you’re not alone. What are each of these facets of digital marketing, and how do they help a business grow? Before you can harness the power of digital marketing to boost your brand, you have to understand the basics of digital marketing and how each of the […]

Who Knows Content Better than the Tribune?

Branded Content is advertising without advertising. Similar to product placement in high-budget movies — which creates an association between the film and the brand of soda the hero drinks, for example — branded content relies of the inherent information or entertainment strength of the content—in our case, online content—to promote your product or service. Customers […]

Paid Search Marketing Quickly and Accurately Reaches Your Audience

Pay Per Click (PPC), or Paid Search, is highly targeted advertising based on keywords specific to your business. While anyone with access to keyword research, a budget, and enough time can construct and manage a PPC campaign, Digital understands the nuances of what constitutes high-value traffic words, and only we can create your campaign within […]

Forget “Likes” – Social Media is all about Engagement

Social networks have become the digital marketplace for the exchange of news, views, entertainment, and information. 435 Digital brings proven expertise in harnessing social networks to Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management services. Social Media Marketing: Businesses all over the world are rushing to convert social media outlets into opportunities to get their messages out […]

Benefits of Organic Search Engine Optimization

Before a search engine will drive qualified people to your website, the site itself has to be properly promoted to search engines. Our organic search engine marketing ensures that your website communicates the right message to both the search engines and customers. When your site sends out the right messages, more qualified visitors will be […]

How to choose tools, channels and resources for digital marketing

Like other areas of marketing, promotion using digital technology begins with competent analytics. The following basic data must be collected and analyzed: Parameters of the target audience. It matters age, gender, social status, region of residence, interests, etc. It depends on what kind of digital technologies potential customers use. For example, if a product for […]

Key Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing tools include all the ways, means and events that allow you to notify many people, attract the attention of potential customers to a company, brand, service or product. Most often, several tools are simultaneously used, which allows you to reach the maximum target audience and achieve high promotion efficiency. The list of tools […]

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