Key Digital Marketing Tools

Digital marketing tools include all the ways, means and events that allow you to notify many people, attract the attention of potential customers to a company, brand, service or product. Most often, several tools are simultaneously used, which allows you to reach the maximum target audience and achieve high promotion efficiency. The list of tools used depends on the goals of the marketing campaign, the stage of its implementation, the characteristics of the target audience, the product being promoted, etc. The main tools of digital marketing are the following.

Contextual advertising. It consists in placing advertisements (text, graphic and / or in the form of links) on thematic sites.

SEO promotion. Its purpose is to raise the advertiser’s website in the issuance of thematic queries, for which search engine optimization, etc.
Banner advertising. On third-party thematic resources, graphic banners are placed with the offer of a product / service.

Advertising windows. This is a way of online advertising, which implies the display of pop-up advertisements on thematic sites.

TV advertising. It costs significantly more than online advertising, but it allows you to reach the maximum audience of various ages.
Radio advertising. This is also quite an expensive, but effective way to convey your offer to a wide audience.

Native advertising. It consists in the publication on third-party resources of “natural” materials (reviews, expert opinions, etc.) that encourage the purchase of a product / service.

SMS mailing. Subscribers of mobile operators are sent advertising messages with the advertiser’s offer.

QR codes are offline. This method is often practiced to motivate installing applications, using other digital products or services.

Viral advertising. It provides for the creation of content (most often multimedia) with provocative content, which is why users themselves will distribute it on the network (share on their blogs, with friends on social networks, etc.).

In digital marketing, other tools based on digital technologies can also be used: from an advertising offer when installing programs to sending to e-mail or melodies that are used to keep subscribers on the line. Such traditional means as newspapers or flyers, if they contain a QR code in an ad (i.e., involve the use of digital technologies), is also digital marketing ..

Key Digital Marketing Tools

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