How to create a ringtone for iPhone yourself


More recently, creating a ringtone for iPhone without using a PC or Mac was impossible.
But with the release of the iOS 13 operating system, everything has changed. “RG” tells how to create your own call using only the device itself.
First we need to find or convert the melody to MP3 format. You can do this directly in the built-in browser – Safari. Once you have downloaded the melody, it will be here.
After starting GarageBand, click – Tracks – Audio Recorder.
Click on the bricks in the upper left corner.
Switch to track editing mode (second round wheel on the right).
Next, click on the “Files” menu.
We find our song in the downloads.
Go to the menu with the created melodies.
In the context menu we find “share.”
In the export window, select “Ringtone”.
Give it a name and click “Export.”
Next you will see the message “Export completed”.
After the ringtone is exported, go to the “Settings” menu – “Sounds, tactile signals” – and select our melody.


How to create a ringtone for iPhone yourself

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