How to choose tools, channels and resources for digital marketing

Like other areas of marketing, promotion using digital technology begins with competent analytics. The following basic data must be collected and analyzed:

Parameters of the target audience. It matters age, gender, social status, region of residence, interests, etc. It depends on what kind of digital technologies potential customers use. For example, if a product for youth can be promoted through almost any channel, then goods and services designed for older people should be popularized using TV or traditional methods;

Product Features. For example, with the help of branding applications, games or other programs are most often promoted, and through e-mail distribution, products that are of interest to a wide range of people (for example, weight loss products).

Based on the analysis, they select channels and a set of tools that will most effectively convey the proposal to the target audience. Analytics should also be carried out during the campaign in order to evaluate the effectiveness of various tools and adjust the corresponding settings.

Digital promotion can be done using various resources:

paid – sites paid by the customer company. This can be contextual advertising, a digital banner, etc.

own – sites that the company uses for free (for example, a page on a social network);

established ones are communication channels that a company acquires as a result of its work (for example, users distributing its viral video).

How to choose tools, channels and resources for digital marketing

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