Forget “Likes” – Social Media is all about Engagement

Social networks have become the digital marketplace for the exchange of news, views, entertainment, and information. 435 Digital brings proven expertise in harnessing social networks to Social Media Marketing and Reputation Management services.

Social Media Marketing: Businesses all over the world are rushing to convert social media outlets into opportunities to get their messages out — to go viral — and they are failing. 435 Digital knows better.

In essence, social media — across all of its platforms — is about people sharing interests with other people, and trying to force that is like pushing a rope. The key is “engagement.”

Creating engagement with the right online community — those who are prospective customers — requires a strategy, the right content, and careful, ongoing management. We’ll help you develop a social media strategy in relation to your business objectives and set goals for success that are quality, rather than quantity, driven. We’ll develop a timeline and work process, and then will recommend the right channels (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to achieve your goals.

Reputation Management: In addition to building your brand, social media can also be used as a tool to monitor what is being said about your business — and your competitors — in real-time.

We work to maintain a healthy reputation and keep you informed with an online dashboard where you can monitor what people are saying about your brand. We’ll also identify the key social media influencers who can serve as your brand ambassadors.

Reporting: We’ll provide monthly reports to demonstrate our progress toward the goals, identify who’s talking about your brand, and what individuals or groups you should further engage.

Forget “Likes” – Social Media is all about Engagement

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